Annie’s Story:

Hey there! I’m Annie… the “little sister” in this partnership and if I’m being honest…I didn’t really struggle with my weight when I was younger.

Then I had kids…(cue music) duh, duh, duhhhh …

When I got pregnant for the first time in my late 20s, all of those years of eating whatever I wanted were obliterated and I gained a lot of weight. And I mean, A LOT. 

I gained weight in places that I didn’t even know a person COULD gain weight. I kept expecting the weight to fall off like it always had…. But no. I was 10 sizes bigger!…

So I started the diet cycle that we’re all so familiar with…I’d do a diet, lose some weight, the diet would end……and I would attack all the carbs I’d been so desperately missing…

…and, of course, gain it all back (and then some)….

Rinse and Repeat…over and over again. 

Then a few years ago my husband surprised me with a trip to Costa Rica (YAY!!!), 

…but I only had a month to get ready!

I REALLY wanted my “pre-pregnancy” body back

…and now I was determined to get there!  So I went on this super restrictive diet and exercised for at least two hours a day!

And guess what??? I DID IT!!! I fit into my new swimsuit, and looked great! VICTORY!!!! Except…….

Can you guess what happened next? 

The food in Costa Rica was so fantastic…we ate delicious, carb-heavy foods for every meal for the next 5 days….

.By the end of the week, I could barely fit into my new suit, and I was right back to feeling self conscious about my body.  

And it’s not like I was laying around on a beach the whole time…we went hiking, zip-lining, kayaking, you name it! 

But I had starved my body for an entire month, so when it got those carbs, it held onto them for dear life! 

And that was it! That was the moment I knew I would never diet again. I was a nutritionist, I knew how to eat healthy, and yet, I had let negative self talk, and my “ideal” body image take over…

No more!  

It was around this time that Millie was wrapping up a big challenge she’d been working so hard on…(and fair warning…she can be a little dramatic 🙄)


I’m Millie…the oldest sister of this duo…and yes I’ll admit…the most bossy. 

Can I take a moment to tell you about the day I’d had ENOUGH with DIETS?! 

It was a day that changed me forever…see if you can relate…. 

I was SO mad! I could have thrown that scale out the window!  

I had just spent 15 days doing a weight loss challenge. 15 days! (like 1 day more than 2 weeks)  And it was the longest, most torturous 15 days ever! (dramatic, I know but…) 

I had meticulously measured and weighed my food. No dairy (whimper). No sugar (yelp).  And I’ve never eaten so many egg whites at a time in my life….

I was doing the workouts every morning (in addition to teaching my own fitness classes at the gym).

When it was time to weigh in after that 15 days I was nervous and ecstatic to see my results! 

I had worked SO HARD…and had payed the price (and frankly so had my entire family) to get the GREAT results I deserved.

When I stepped onto the scale, I just stood there and stared at it….I honestly don’t know what I expected at that moment, but all I felt was….DISAPPOINTMENT.

I had only lost 6 pounds. 

Now wait. I KNOW this is actually a lot of weight to lose in 2 weeks…I’m a fitness instructor for crying out loud. My logical brain KNEW that feeling disappointed over these results was absolutely ridiculous!

but I also knew that the amount of effort sacrifice and frustration still didn’t match the results….as illogical as it was, I wanted to see a dramatic change…like 15+ lbs drop off that scale for the level of difficulty I went through…(I mean, I gave up cheese for 2 whole weeks! 😭) 

My point? The effort didn’t match the results…That was it for me. I was done with extreme dieting!

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? Maybe not…but I love food for a lot of reasons and I didn’t want to be restricted my entire life just because I hated the way my body looked.

That was the catalyst that started me on my journey toward having a healthy relationship with food and with my body.


Learn to lose weight while eating the foods you love in fat burning combinations. No deprivation. No guilt or shame.


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