Hydrate with purpose!

Trim Appetite Control Drink Sticks w/Bonus Healthy Snacks Guide 8 Servings


PRICE: $17.87

Product info
  • Appetite Suppressant, curbs cravings, boosts thermogenic activity
  • Natural kiwi-strawberry flavor, natural colors
  • M-THERMX Proprietary Blend
  • Hydration
  • Sugar-free, zero calories

CoreAO Antioxidant Drink Sticks w/Bonus Healthy Snacks Pocket Guide - Immune and Joint Support Supplement Drink 8 Servings


PRICE: $16.47

Product info
  • ULTRA ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & ANTIOXIDANT: Our CoreAO Stiks combine MANGOSTEEN with the proven benefits of Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract (ECGC), Acai, Bilberry, Cranberry, and L-Arginine into a safe and delicious drink mix to go! A delicious convenient drink that may reduce whole body systemic inflammation, skin inflammation, improve digestion and nervous system function and heart health.
  • M-DEFEND proprietary blend of 9 antioxidants! JOINT PAIN RELIEF & WORKOUT RECOVERY: Our superfruit blend may help protect and support joint tissues and ease the pain and discomforts that come with age, weight gain, or athletic stresses. May help relieve joint, back, neck, knee, and hand pain. Supports an active lifestyle for all ages!
  • ALL NATURAL & NON-GMO! No artificial preservatives, no artificial ingredients or colors, gluten-free, no calories, no sugar, no worries! Our CoreAO Stiks are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!
  • All natural flavors (berry), no artificial colors, Core stick Core AO sticks Core AO Stick mangosteen fruit garcinia mangostana mangosten mangostin mangostine mango-steen garciniamangostana mangosteenfruit grapeseed grapes grape seed antioxidant OPC extract greentea green-tea extra EGCG ECCG acai berry acae cranbery bilbury billberry

GO Stiks Energy Drink for Sustained Energy and Electrolytes Hydration w/Bonus Healthy Snacks Pocket Guide 8 Servings


PRICE: $16.47

Product info
  • Smooth Energy, No Jitters or Crash, great as a workout companion
  • Sugar Free, Electrolyte Enhanced
  • 8 Single Serving Packets, fit perfectly in purse, pocket or gym bag
  • All Natural Raspberry Flavor, All Natural Colors
  • BONUS: Healthy Snacks Pocket Guide for nutrition on the GO!

Hydration Energy Focus Weight Loss Antioxidants Nootropic Sample Pack w/Bonus Healthy Snack Guide 5 Servings


PRICE: $11.47

Product info
  • GO Stick: Smooth Energy, No Jitters Sugar-free, electrolyte-enhanced, preworkout
  • CORE AO Stick: Immune-boosting Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammation, Workout recovery, Relieves Joint Pain and Discomfort
  • SOUL Stick: Enhances mood, recharges mind and body
  • TRIM Stick: Appetite Suppressant, curbs cravings, boosts thermogenic activity, energy weight loss drink
  • SMART Stick: Nootropic, Boost creativity, cognition

Hydration Energy Antioxidants Weight Loss Drinks Sample Pack 6 Servings w/Bonus Healthy Snacks Guide


PRICE: $12.47

Product info
  • 2 COREAO – immune-boosting antioxidants, anti-inflammation
  • 2 GO – energy without jitters,crash-free energy experience, electrolytes
  • 2 TRIM – appetite control, helps fight cravings
  • Great tasting all natural flavors-berry, kiwi-strawberry, raspberry, all natural colors
  • Handy pocket guide for Healthy Snacks, at home or on the go, fits in pocket or purse