Can you believe that school is already starting?


Stores are stocked with school supplies, Halloween candy lines the grocery displays and everyone is thinking about getting ready for fall.


Isn’t it a little too early for all of this? I want more summer. I need more summer!


Then again, we are also getting ready for the Moms Need Carbs Fall/Winter Meal Plan release in October… so who am I to judge?


I have been pulling recipes to adapt for our 2021 Fall/Winter menu and it got me thinking that I should share one of my favorite recipes from the 2020 Fall Meal Plan.


Are you ready for it?


It’s our adapted Mediterranean Grilled Chicken with Quinoa Salad.


I’ll tell you why I love this one…


#1 It is perfect for batch cooking & meal prepping. We add a few extra chicken breasts to the marinade, then cook slice and set aside for delicious sandwiches, salads, and more with your ready-to-eat protein.


#2 It actually tastes better with time which makes it perfect for meal prepping.


#3 Light but filling. Between the freshy grilled lemon herb chicken and the veggie packed salad, you get a meal that is flavorful and filling!


#4 The macros on this baby are amazing. With the chicken, beans and quinoa, you get 42g of protein per serving.


#5 It’s family-friendly! My husband and kids absolutely love it.


I’m sure yours will to so give it a try and let us know what you think!



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