Make a Fat Burning Meal Right From Your Pantry

by | Jan 16, 2020

What is a Fat Burning Meal?

We get asked this question a lot, with the expectation that we’re going to rattle off a list of “no-no” foods or suggest a bunch of boooooring food options. Nope! Creating fat-burning meals is actually quite simple, easy, and delicious.

And here’s what surprises everyone…you don’t actually have to give up your favorite foods! Say what? Yes this is for real! You can have your cake and eat it too!

The simple definition of a fat-burning meal is a balance of different macros and nutrients in the correct portions that keep your body from wanting to store fat. That might sound complicated but it’s not. In fact, you could make a fat burning meal right out of your pantry, fridge and freezer right now….(assuming you’ve been shopping sometime in the last week or so).

By breaking down the macros into 5 simple categories (The Fat Burn 5) you can build your plate with any food that you love and still maintain stable blood sugar, which is what keeps your body in fat-burning mode.

 What is the Purpose of a Fat-Burning Meal?

The goal of a Fat Burning Meal is to keep your blood sugar in fat-burning mode, rather than fat-storing mode. Carbs are often blamed as the primary cause for weight gain because they can cause an immediate spike in blood sugar, but if they’re eaten in the right portion and paired with “blood sugar slowing” foods that are rich in fiber and protein, it allows you to maximize your metabolism and eliminate insulin surges that are proven to pack on fat. In fact, the real reason you might not be losing weight may have more to do with your blood sugar levels than anything else, which means if you don’t eat between meals, it dips too low, and then you overeat at a meal, which causes it to spike, keeping you in a constant state of fat storage.

Making sure that your blood sugar doesn’t dip too low or spike too high actually optimizes your body’s ability to burn calories, without starving or stuffing yourself. You can feel satisfied, eat your favorite foods, and lose weight! Win, win, win!

The Fat Burn 5 Breakdown:

Here are the basic components of a fat-burning meal, aka The Fat Burn:

  1. Protein  
  2. Fast Carb
  3. Slow Carb
  4. Fat (optional)
  5. Condiment (optional)
Once you identify which foods fit into which categories (and for the most part they are pretty self-explanatory) you’re able to easily build a well-balanced meal without over-thinking it. So if you go into your pantry, fridge, or freezer you might have some of the foods listed below. This is how we would turn it into a meal…

From the Pantry, Fridge, or Freezer…

A Steak Dinner:
Steak – protein
Potatoes with Butter – fast carb and fat
Side Salad with Dressing – condiment
Now if you wanted to add a roll to this meal, that would be too many fast carbs and would spike your blood sugar causing weight gain.
Breakfast Plate:
2 Eggs – protein
Pancake with butter and syrup – fast carb, fat, and condiment
Strawberries – slow carb (most fruits are fast carbs)
Let’s take something that might not be as obvious. How about some pizza?
Supreme Pizza:
Pepperoni and sausage – protein
Crust – fast carb
Cheese – fat
Pizza Sauce – condiment
Peppers and onions – slow carb
Ground Beef (or Turkey) – protein
Pasta – fast carb
Sauce – condiment
Side Salad and dressing – slow carb and fat

See? It’s that simple! If you want to learn more about living the Fat Burn 5 lifestyle, you join our upcoming challenge HERE.


Keep in mind that portions are important. Eating too much of anything can cause your blood sugar to spike, which will cause weight gain, so making sure that you’ve got the right proportions of each of these categories will ensure your burning fat instead of storing it. And the best part…by properly combining these foods you won’t feel hungry. You can eat less and still walk away feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed!

Plus, when you start to realize that no food is off-limits, your tendency to eat “too much” will go away. When certain foods are forbidden or “bad” they become much more desirable, and obsessing over the good vs bad food can become a borderline food obsession! But, if you know you can choose between a roll or potatoes at dinner, or maybe you want dessert instead. Suddenly, making healthier decisions is so much easier.

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