Ranch dressing has been one of my favorite things since I was a kid…I could to dip almost everything into it, and frankly, if my mom would have approved, I would have eaten it with a spoon! But eventually I came to the sad realization that drenching everything in ranch might not be the healthiest option. So I found an alternative…

This dressing is packed with protein so I don’t have to feel guilty over scooping it up onto a celery stick or dipping my chicken into it.

There are lots of alternatives to this recipe out there, but for me simple is best. So I don’t even measure it exactly…its all to taste, so feel free to add more mayo, or more yogurt, or more seasonings to you liking. 🙂


1 part mayo (olive oil mayo is best)

3 parts greek yogurt (I use the whole milk version rather than non-fat…its creamier and still packed with protein)

Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning to taste. (this depends on how big the batch is…usually 1-3 Tbs)

*Mix well and feel free to lick the spoon when you are done! 😉