We want to be super clear here. We love CAKE, and lots of other delicious foods! And we’ve given ourselves permission to have those foods…on occasion.

Something we often hear from new clients and friends is, “but if I give myself permission to have __________ (insert favorite carby treat that fills you with guilt every time you indulge), then I’ll eat it ALL THE TIME.”

My friend, the mind is a powerful thing. When we tell ourselves over and over that something is bad and that we CANNOT have it, or if we DO have it, then we ourselves are bad, it can become an obsession and SUCH a big focus that we think of little else. And then when we do indulge, we go. all. in.

But when you acknowledge that food for what it is…a delicious treat to be enjoyed on occassion, and ALLOW yourself to have it, without it having any influence on who you are as a person, then the focus is gone. And then the magic happens. 🌈 You just don’t think about it nearly as much…and by extension, you also don’t CRAVE it nearly as much.

When I started on the path towards diet freedom (a.k.a. giving up dieting for-evah), this was a tough adjustment, but a VERY important one. Once I took the focus off of the foods I was desperate to have more of, I found a freedom I didn’t know was possible. And found joy in food again! You see, when you’ve given yourself permission to eat these foods, and combine that permission with knowledge about HOW to have them without spiking your blood sugar (which is what keeps your body out of fat storage mode), you can then attend holiday parties and social engagements without fear of food…and actually enjoy the food, and the company!

Give yourself permission to have the cake, or the cookie, or the slice of pie. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

We have revamped our program (YAY!!!) where we go into all the details you’ll need for getting out of the dieting mindset, as well as how to build fat burning meals…including your favorite treats!

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