Fight the Halloween Sugar Overload

by | Aug 4, 2020

Do You Love Halloween?

Okay here’s the truth. I don’t love Halloween (gasp!). Every year we are bombarded with candy and sweets which leads to major Halloween sugar overload!

Its possible that my mom passed her lack of enthusiasm for this particular holiday onto me, however, that never stopped her from making us the most amazing costumes when we were little. Literally, all she needed was her sewing machine, some craft or fabric paint, and some glue and we were magically transformed into a beautiful butterfly, whose wings would then be repurposed the next year for an entirely different costume. But when it came to getting all decked out and participating in the Halloween fun herself…she wasn’t interested.

Now that I’m a mom, I get it.

Each of my kids (like their mother) have sensitivities to sugar, and the Halloween sugar overload does not bring out the best in any of us…so this time of year is simply not my favorite. But, like my mom, I help them get all dressed up and let them run around town begging for the stuff…what else can I do?  When they were little I could bribe them with a trip to the movies or the swimming pool on Halloween night, but that doesn’t work anymore. So since I can’t really stop the goodies from flowing in, or stop myself from dipping into their stash (Shhh…), I’ve simply started adding a lots of extra nutrition to their diets this time of year instead.  And we have a rule.  No candy until after eating some protein and veggies. I know…I’m so mean.

I also go to extra measures to create healthier meals leading up to Halloween. Check out my favorite pre-holiday tomato veggie soup. It’s packed with vitamin C, garlic and any other veggies you want to throw in…Mmmmm!

5 Tips to Avoid the Halloween Sugar Overload

   1 – Eat a good meal before the festivities begin. Make sure you have an adequate amount of protein and veggies. Avoid simple carbs so you can justify having treats later as your fast carb.

   2 – Be realistic. If you tell yourself you CAN’T have a treat, it will be at the front of your mind until you cave, and then you are left feeling guilty and uncomfortable. Let go of all the pressure around not eating the good stuff and just plan ahead. Decide on your favorite treat and plan on having some.

   3 – Slow down. Once you choose your treat, be patient and wait until you have a moment to sit down and savor each bite. If you shove it into your mouth mindlessly while herding trick-or-treaters, you will have missed the opportunity to really appreciate it.

   4 – Get moving. Take a few minutes (ore more) to get your heart rate up. Go for a brisk walk or run, or do a quick HIIT workout in your living room. Trust me…this will help. Tip: Two quick HIIT workouts will be more effective than one longer workout when it comes to boosting your metabolism during the day.

   5 – Put it away. After all the fun is over, throw away the candy you know the kiddos won’t miss and put the rest away. Overloading for one day can be rough, but overloading for a week is a disaster waiting to happen!

Don’t Overthink It

Avoiding the Halloween sugar overload doesn’t have to feel like a big undertaking. It’s all in your approach and the self-talk around it. Stay focused on what you can have and what you REALLY want instead of telling yourself over and over again that everything is off-limits. Restrictive diets just make those treats that much more desirable and often lead to total self-sabotage and loads of guilt later on…and who wants that anyway?! It’s not worth it. 


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