You hear us talk about fat burning meals all the time, but creating them is not as hard as you might think.

In fact, we’d bet you could go into your kitchen right now and make an easy fat burning meal without even going to the grocery store…(assuming you’ve been shopping sometime in the last week or so).

The goal of a Fat Burning Meal is to keep your blood sugar in fat burning mode, rather than fat storing mode.

Carbs are often blamed for causing weight gain because they cause an immediate spike in blood sugar, but if they’re eaten in the right portion and combined with other foods, they can be enjoyed while losing weight, (which we can teach you how to do)!

The components of fat burning meals (The Fat Burn 5) are simple:

– Protein
– Fast Carb
– Slow Carb
– Fat (optional)
– Condiment (optional)
Watch this quick 3 minute video as Annie pulls common foods from her pantry and fridge and combines them into easy fat burning meals…
It really is that simple! So what do you say? You wanna burn some fat??

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