I have a theory about meal planning and why I find it so laborious… It all comes back to the story of the Little Red Hen.

You know, the one where the mama hen has to plant the corn and grow the corn and pick the corn and grind the corn and bake the bread AND NO ONE WANTS TO HELP UNTIL IT IS TIME TO EAT?!!!

Yeah, you know the one.

It is a lot like that around my house except that everyone complains about the fact that they are having cornbread when what they really wanted was banana bread baked into mini muffins with butter smeared on top.

Dinner time, meal planning, grocery shopping… all of it… becomes associated with the fighting toddler, screaming baby and the whole dinner time meltdown. It has to happen but it is very rarely rewarding.

In light of these feelings, I am trying a new tactic with our family meal planning. Everyone picks something they want to eat during the week and then I only have to fit it into the schedule. So far, so good.

Tonight is my husband’s pick… Asian Lettuce Wraps from our 2020 Fall Meal Plan.

I could not be more excited for tonight. We have a busy day ahead so this meal is perfect for a 20 minutes or less cook time.

Toss in the ground pork & chicken (or turkey) and brown. Then it is time for the veggies and sauce. Serve them in lettuce cups, over rice or with both!

The mushrooms cook down and disappear into the meat, leaving you with a super filling and nutrient packed entrée. I sometimes throw in a can of diced water chestnuts for some added crunch.

Give it a try because I am sure you will love it too!

And let me know how you handle meal planning in your house… Asking for a friend.😉

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