Who are we?

Hey! We are Millie and Annie...

sisters, with a passion for food, fitness, and more food! We looove the outdoors and nothing makes us happier than hiking together in nature…(especially when we can drag our middle sis along with us)!


We are there for each other

to support, laugh together, cry together, share together.  Having lived in a very small town in Idaho during the formative years, we appreciate having a sense of community.  We also love the possibilities that are out there in the big, wide, wonderful world.  We are ever thankful for the technology that allows us to communicate freely because we live in different states. 

We’ve learned

not to take ourselves to seriously over years as we’ve done countless diets and challenges…always keeping each other accountable (and almost never enabling each other) 😉 But the diet cycle gets so exhausting and if it weren’t for each other’s support, we would have given up long ago….so together we found a method of eating that allowed us to actually enjoy food for its incredible contribution to our lives . All we really wanted was to live our lives free from “diets”… what a terrible word!

We are now Certified Diet Free Life Nutritionists and living a happy diet free life! We feel in control around food and have never felt better. So it has become our mission to help other women overcome the diet cycle and feel happier and healthier in their own skin.

We’ve teamed up with our mentor and the creator of Diet Free Life, Robert Ferguson, to bring you a dynamic program with busy moms and women in Mind.

Robert Ferguson is a certified nutritionist, fitness expert, author, and motivation speaker to has worked with Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and professional athletes, helping thousands lose weight and improve their health for over 20 years.

Diet Free Life

 is an evidenced-based, clinically proven program that works! You will learn how to eat the foods you love in fat burning combinations to lose weight and keep it off. No matter your preference in meals – vegan, diabetic, vegetarian, meat lovers, fast food, or dining out- this program is for you!


I definitely took my role as “big sister” seriously from the beginning and tend to take charge, even when I’m not asked to. My sisters were often the unwitting pawns in my productions of Beach Boys mashups and Pointer Sisters concerts in the living room of our childhood home.

I’m a mother of three, while co-parenting my youngest brother with my parents, and married to my secret high school crush, we live in Smithfield, Utah where I teach at a local fitness club in North Logan. My family is my first love.  My loyalties are divided between my second and third loves:  tutoring struggling readers, especially those with dyslexia, and teaching fitness classes. 

We just bought a fixer-upper a little over a year ago and it’s been a real labor of love; some days more a teeth-clenching-grim-determination-do-or-die kind of labor of love, a little like those occasional days raising teenagers


Affectionately known as “Bananie” to some of my family members, I settled in Greensboro, NC two years ago with my husband and two daughters.  We started our new adventure here with an inherited chicken coop in the backyard of our new/old home.  More about that later. 

Having helped in our largish garden growing up, I am now tackling raising my own garden and wishing I’d paid a little more attention to Mom’s lengthy lectures on the whys and hows of successful green-thumbing. We love to hike together as a family and as a couple. My husband and I also enjoy cooking together, trying new recipes, keeping it simple while fun.  Raising our 3 and 5 year-old daughters is full-time, with a few other interests stepping in for respite, or even comic relief!