5 tips to avoid self sabotage

Holidays can be the king of self sabotage!

First, you tell yourself (with the sternness of your own mother) that you WILL NOT eat anything bad. No carbs, No soda, No sugar. Veggie trays and bunless burgers are the bomb…you’ll be fine. And you repeat this to yourself over and over again….

Then everything you’ve sworn not to eat is staring you in the face. The harder you resist, the harder it becomes, so you decide to have just a little, and then some more, and more, and pretty soon you’ve thrown in the towel and said “Heck with it, I’ll just do better tomorrow” and proceed to eat all the treats.

It’s not long before you’re groaning on the couch (or camp chair), wallowing in guilt and self-loathing.

Does this sound at all familiar?


TIP #1 – Eat the Food

Yes! You read that right! Plan to enjoy the foods you love!

Give yourself PERMISSION to enjoy your favorites! Simply shifting your mindset around “forbidden” foods will allow you to feel more in control. When we tell ourselves we are not allowed to eat food, we are in a deprivation mindset which only causes us to focus even more on the foods we are trying to avoid. It becomes a vicious cycle.


Tip #2 – Make a Plan

Look at ALL of your options and decide what you REALLY want. Make a plan before you dive in. Most of the time we think we loooove certain foods, because they are off limits, but if I said to you….”Listen, nothing is off limits, you can have anything you want” ….you might be surprised which foods lose their magnetic appeal. Giving yourself permission and releasing guilt can be a powerful tool in feeling in control around food. It may seem like unfamiliar territory at first, but give it a try. 

Tip #3 – Build Your Plate

Next, try to identify the basic Fat Burn 5 categories and make sure you have a variety of all of them.

What is the Fat Burn 5? The simple explanation is….

  1. Protein (meat, eggs)
  2. Slow Carbs (Veggies)
  3. Fast Carbs (all other carbs)
  4. Fat (dressings, cheese, nuts etc)
  5. Condiments (sauces)

Now put your favs on the plate, and take very small portions. This might feel like a rip-off, because you want to eat lots of your favorite foods, right? Wrong. Eat it slowly and enjoy each bite. If you take the time to enjoy your food, you don’t need as much of it and you’re much less likely to go for a second helping.  And if you feel the urge to go for seconds, take a moment to ask yourself…. Are you really still hungry, or are you associating the need to feel satisfied with the need to feel FULL? If you really took the time to enjoy the meal in front of you, you’d realized that you don’t need more. Plus, there will probably be dessert, so you’re going to want to leave a little room for cake… (just sayin’).


Tip #4 – Eat the “Good” Stuff First

Remember the wise words of your mother…”eat your veggies first”! She was right. Eat nutritionally dense foods first for the simple reason of filling up on the good stuff before eating the high carb, high fat foods. This also makes eating your fast carbs in smaller portions much easier. And if veggies are in short supply at your family gatherings…simply bring your own salad or chopped veggie tray to share. Now you’re sharing the goodness with others and you KNOW you’ll have something nutritious to add to your meal.


Tip #5 – Let it Settle

Try to create some space between dinner and dessert so you’re not overloading your calories. Maybe even go for a walk, play a game, or choose something active. This give your body a little time to breakdown the calories you’ve already eaten. And apply the same principle as above. Choose your absolute favorites in super small portions, and eat it slowly. 

Be Realistic…

Truthfully, you may not be able to maintain fat-burning mode at all times during a holiday weekend, but applying these simple tips might just keep you from falling off the wagon and feeling like a complete failure. It can be so frustrating after you’ve worked hard to set new habits only to come home after a glutinous weekend feeling bloated and gross.
Set yourself up for success by getting your head straight first. Be realistic about your expectations and for the love…stop telling yourself your NOT ALLOWED to eat yummy food. Its a recipe for disaster! (no pun intended) 😉

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