Millie & Annie, Here!


We’re bringing back the basics of balance.

Over the next 28 days we’ll teach you…

    • The basics of the Fat Burn 5
    • How to combine 5 simple food groups you already love into Fat Burning combinations.
    • How to get into a fitness routine that starts from where you are
    • Our One-Up principle so you can get off the “hamster wheel” of dieting and create sustainable results.

And most importantly we’ll give you…

    • The tools you need to break through the mental madness that had you fad dieting in the first place.
    • Tips and tricks to staying on track and letting go of the negativity that comes with the “diet mentality”.

Who we are

We are sisters with a long-standing passion for Food and Fitness. We’ve combined Millie’s experience in the fitness industry with Annie’s nutrition education over the years to create a dynamic coaching program designed with women in mind!

We are passionate about living a diet-free life and sharing our love of food, fitness, and more food!

Together, we are dedicated to helping women just like us, overcome the diet cycle and feel happier and healthier in their own skin.

Annie Zeller & Millie Hull

Certified Diet Free Life Nutritionists

What is Diet Free Life?

Diet Free Life is an evidenced-based, clinically proven program that works! You will learn how to eat the foods you love in fat burning combinations to lose weight and keep it off. No matter your preference in meals – vegan, diabetic, vegetarian, meat lovers, fast food, or dining out- this program is for you!

What our clients have to say

Video Testimonials


“The program completely changed my relationship with exercise!”

– Adrienne.


“All the elements are realistic for the rest of my life- that is what is so awesome about it!”

– Andrea.


“The program is so easy and simple. I didn’t have to buy anything I didn’t want to eat.”

– Mandy.


“The group is a safe place to bring questions and concerns. Annie and Millie were so encouraging. ” 

– Kim.